When Is Mothers Day

When is Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a very important occasion in different parts of the world and is celebrated most commonly in May, March, or April to honor the essence of motherhood and all the mothers.  In the UK and Ireland, the day has its roots in the Mothering Sunday, celebrated in March/April. This annual holiday is a scope to delve deep into the great significance of maternal bonds in general and realize their sacrifices in tending our lives.

Different Ideas of Mother’s Day

This US holiday is an adaption from other countries and cultures and thus, there are some changes made to fit the day into existing celebrations of motherhood, - like, Mothering Sunday in the UK or the Orthodox celebration of Jesus in the temple in Greece.

In Catholic countries, Mother’s day is celebrated on Virgin Mary Day whereas for Islamic countries, it is the day on which Prophet Muhammad’s daughter was born. In Bolivia, it is regarded as the date of a certain battle where women also participated

American Observances