When Is Isra and Mi'raj

What is Isra and Miraj?

According to the Islamic belief, Isra and Miraj (the Night Visit and Ascension) refer to the two parts of a Night Journey that Mohammad Prophet, took in a single night in the year 621 A.D. It is observed on the 27th day of the seventh month of Islamic Calendar known as Rajab. Isra and Mi'raj, is also referred to as Al Isra' wal Miraj.

Chapter 17 of the Holy Quran known as Al-Isra describes the story and the rest of the details taken from the Hadiths that refer to the supplemental collections about the life of Mohammad Prophet.

Isra starts with Mohammad Prophet offering prayers in Kaaba, Mecca and when the archangel Jibraal meets him with the mythological warhorse Buraq. Mohammed rides Buraq and reaches the “Farthest Mosque”, which Islamists think is the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Here it is said that Mohammed leads the warhorse towards the Western Wall and leads other prophets who preached before him,  Adem (Adam), Musa (Moses), and `Īsā (Jesus) in prayer

The second part of the journey is known as Mi’raj, which details Mohammed’s Journey to Heaven on Buraq. Upon reaching the Heaven and talks to earlier prophets, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, archangel Jibraal, takes him to Allah, who dictates Mohammed that Muslims should pray for 50 times a day. As it is very difficult to pray 50 times a day, Moses tells Mohammed that he should urge for a reduction and at last it is settled that Muslims should offer prayers 5 times a day.

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