When Is Idaho Human Rights Day

When is Idaho Human Rights Day

Idaho Human Rights Day or Martin Luther King Jr Idaho Human Rights Day is regarded as a state holiday in Idaho and is observed on the third Monday of January. The main focus of the day is on human rights though there may be diversities in region, faith and culture. The Idaho Human Rights Day aims to honor Martin Luther King Jr, the American civil rights leader.

How is Idaho Human Rights Day Celebrated

Idaho Human Rights Day is celebrated by unique observations like candlelight parades, music and speeches. Articles of tribute on Martin Luther King Jr are published and programs are broadcast in television and radio to signify the importance of the day to the public. There are public events on this day like art exhibits and rallies based on human rights, civil rights, justice and equality issues. The governor of Idaho also makes proclamations to inspire people about the philosophy of equality in diversity. There are also gatherings organized by the church where people gather to listen to Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

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