When Is First day of Sukkot

First Day of Sukkot

Sukkot is a Jewish harvest festival, celebrated for a week during autumn. The first day of Sukkot is very much interesting as all the family members gather in a remote place to commemorate the agricultural production of the season.  They start to build the sukkah of their own style.

Activities on First Day of Sukkot

On first day of Sukkot, it’s a great fun to collect the materials required for sukkah and decorate it. Usually most of the Jews prefer to use organic resources to decorate their sukkah. After building the huts, all the community members arrange a feast and enjoy the meals together. They spend the whole night inside their sukkahs under the gaze of the night sky.

Though the Jews are supposed to spend all the week in the sukkah, in modern-day lifestyle, it is not possible to devote more time for this. But the creative activities undertaken during the holiday make the time more special.

For the people who cannot make the sukkahs on their own, synagogues are available. They can stay there and enjoy the holidays.  

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