What Documents Do You Need For US Citizenship

If you want to apply for the US citizenship but not have any idea about the documents then you must read this article as here information about all the major documents are given which are specially needed for the US citizenship.

Appointment letter for Interview:-

This is the most important document which is required to be shown to the security guard before appearing for the interview. Absence of such letter is considered as non eligibility of an applicant for US citizenship. This letter is usually issued by INS office and needed to be shown on demand by INS officers and security guard. However, if an applicant is asked to appear for an interview via telephone then such appointment letter is not needed to be shown to anyone before attending interview.

Driving License and Passport: -

An immigration officer during the interview for USCIS definitely asks for a valid driving license of an applicant in order to verify his or her living place in the jurisdiction. Driving license also works as an identity proof of an applicant and also verifies his current address to some extent for residential verification. On the other hand, passports are also demanded by an immigration officer from an applicant of USCIS so that they can determine the continuous presence of an applicant in the country. In fact, xerox copy of passports must be given as an identity proof to an interviewer because this document signifies and verifies his or her nationality completely.

Last 5 years Tax Returns: -

Tax returns of last 5 years are needed to be shown by an applicant because it is generally asked by every immigration officer during USCIS interview. Such transcripts clarify the doubts about the authentication of any applicant.

Marriage/Divorce Certificate (if applicable): -

To apply for US citizenship, an applicant also needs to file his or her marriage certificate during the interview for USCIS. If you’re a divorcee then you must file your divorce certificate while appearing for USCIS interview because officers retain all the rights to ask for such documents.