What Documents Do You Need For British Citizenship

The following is a checklist of documents required for British Citizenship for various categories of applicants.

For all Applicants

  • Proof of identity

Any one of the following documents can be produced.

  • Passport
  • Travel document from Home Office
  • Entitlement card from Home Office
  • Registration card from Home Office
  • Residence permit and immigration status document
  • Proof of knowledge of English and of life in UK or an exemption of the same.

ESOL certificate or certificate of life in the UK test will suffice.

For Applications Based On Residence In The Uk

  • Proof of legal residence in the UK throughout the qualifying period.

A valid passport is a proof enough. In case it is not produced then filling of the form 13 stating the reasons is to be produced.

  • Proof that you are exempt from immigration duration restriction.

Permit in the passport mentioning that there is no restriction to permanent stay or a Home Office document mentioning the same.

For Applicants Who Are Swiss Nationals And Nationals Of The European Economic Area

  • Proof of the nationality in either of these
  • Proof of exercising treaty rights for a period of 5 years
  • Evidence of occupation – student, self-employed, independent, retired and inability to work due to health reasons through relevant documents

For Applicants With Reasons Of Marriage Or Civil Partnership

Submit a proof of their marriage or civil partnership – the partner’s passport or birth certificate.

For Applicants With Crown Service Or Married To a British National In Crown Service

Submit the relevant proof of the employment from the employer – authorizing document from the employer

For Self-Employed Applicants Who Do Not Pay Tax By Paye Arrangements

Proof of tax payment – most recent statements of HM Revenue & Customs self-assessments.