Weedless Wednesday 2017

Weedless Wednesday is the day when all the smokers are urged to quit smoking on this day and the major intention is to kick-start the process of quitting smoking and gaining media coverage. It lies on every Wednesday of the National Non Smoking week. Weedless Wednesday is the main point of non smoking week and it has always been focussing on media and public attention from the beginning. The idea behind the promotion the Weedless Wednesday is to approach to quit smoking campaign of one day at a time because it may happen if you ask a regular smoker to quit for a week or so they may get discouraged and would not be able to try but definitely will cope up without cigarette for atleast a day.

January 21st to 28th or the third week of January is marked as Non Smoking Week and is celebrated every year. Every year people are encouraged to take participation in the same and are asked to butt out the smoke from them. The basic aim of Weedless Wednesday or the National Non Smoking Week is to bring back the life from tobacco and anyone who have ever struggled from the nicotine addiction are free to participate in this.

The idea of Weedless Wednesday has been in the minds of the people and government of Canada and the Canadian Council for Tobacco Control and since its beginning in the year 1977 it has always sponsored the anti-smoking campaign and is running successfully for past 30 years.

Weedless Wednesday: The theory of Weedless Wednesday is quitting smoking is less daunting task and if you see small wins you should go for it therefore try not to smoke for atleast a day that is on the Weedless Wednesday.

If you give a thought to the smokers of giving it up for a week or a month or even a lifetime the challenge will be too big for them and thus they tend to fail in the middle itself. We all must remember that quitting requires lots of planning, practice and patience. And Weedless Wednesday is giving a manageable way to face the challenge and also encourages them to begin to kick the habit.

National Non Smoking Week and Weedless Wednesday gives many people the opportunity to smoke and to start working on the goal of giving up tobacco. On Weedless Wednesday they plan to quit it for a day and get encouraged to move further. This day also provides a positive opportunity to plan, practice and develop a habit of living without smoke and working on this strategy for future.
The basic aims of Weedless Wednesday are:

  1. Educate people about the dangers and problems of smoking.
  2. Preventing Non-Smokers to get addicted to this awful habit.
  3. Help the regular smokers to quit the same even if they are not willing to do so.
  4. Promote the right of individuals to breathe fresh and unpolluted air.
  5. Demoralize the tobacco industry and tobacco products.
  6. Assist to achieve a smoke free society.

Smokers can try the program and can get as much information required through this to know how to quit smoking. Weedless Wednesday will help then in any manner it can.

Weedless Wednesday 2017