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There is an ocean of job opportunities available for people to take up. Some choose arts, fashion, archeology and science while others are tech-savvy. But it’s very important for tech-savvies to channelize their skills and talent. With the expansion of technology, there are a myriad of prospects available for people who possess keen interest in computers. This genre’ of job category has been titled as Web Developers.

What is Web Developer?

Web, as we commonly refer to is the internet and its pages that we use. In clear terms, a web developer is a person who plans web pages and is dedicated towards how a website would work rather than its line-up. Most web developers prefer to work for companies while others choose to showcase their expertise through freelance mode.

What does a Web Developer do?

The job responsibility of a Web Developer is to create programs that direct a website about its functioning. The first task undertaken by him/her is to inscribe the code for a website. The development of website is done in such a way that both existing and new customer can browse through the page with ease. Navigation allows the user to access the website from any web browser like the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini and others.

A website is developed taking into consideration the client requirements, the products put forward and the satisfaction level of the users after access to the website. The criterion to reckon upon by web developers while developing a website is to make it user-friendly, fulfilling which is a reward for them. Coding for proper functioning and design to attract the user forms an integral part of web designing. A skill most looked for in web developers is his/her familiarity with numerous forms of web design and paying heed to the tiniest elements of user liking.

How to become a Web Developer, Qualifications & Certifications

To become a web developer, one has to be a graduate in computer science or allied field. Other courses include programming, DBMS (Database Management System), math, web design and networking. Organizations, to employ web developers, prefer people with prior work experience or who have professional certification.

Web developers with acquaintance of HTML, JavaScript or SQL and multimedia publishing tools like Flash are given preference over novice web developers. Since there is a constant modernization in technology, web developers are expected to be updated about the latest trends and computer languages.

Nonetheless, there are certain technical skills a web developer needs to be master of as expected by organizations.

  • Hypertext markup language (HTML)
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Flash
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

Salary of a Web Developer

As per the bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary taken home by a Web Developer is $56,000 in the United States. Few organizations offer them compensation that ranges from $33K to $86K. Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, California and Washington, D.C. are few places in United States that help web developers mint money as per their ability and skill.

Work environment of a Web Developer

The work environment of a web developer varies according to his work type. That is, if he/she is employed for an organization, working from office is ideal or workplace preferred by the front-end developer. Since a web developer can also be a freelancer or a part-time web developer, they have the option to offer services at the comfort of their home. Freelance web developers are required to travel when he/she switches from one business location to another. Independence and convenience of workplace augments their career opportunities manifolds.

However, a web developer is anticipated to work in fields like;

  • Computer systems design
  • Information services
  • Data processing and hosting
  • Advertising and public relations
  • Management, scientific and technical consulting

Career path and Outlook of a Web Developer

Plenty of job opportunities are available for web developers as the decade wears on. 20% increase in employment is estimated between 2012 and 2022 creating 28,500 new jobs. While few positions can be taken up by candidates possessing certification and no degree, employers prefer web developers with a graduate degree. Prior work experience is an added feather to the cap. Knowledge about programming languages and a good hand at multimedia software tools is certain to make a web developer stand out amongst its competitors.  

Pros & Cons of a Web Developer

There’s good and bad in almost everything people do. So is the job profile of a web developer. Let us discover few pros and cons of the same.


  • Immediate Feedback - The code written by a web developer is instantly verified upon. The effect it has with other components and its production with the graphics of a web browser is evaluated.
  • Problem Solving - The problems brought to the notice of a web developer are immediately solved and the same is validated.
  • Project Adaptability - The project undertaken by a web developer is adapted as soon as the programs and the code are ready. This aids him/her to rectify the mistakes on the go with their skills.
  • Flexibility - The focus of a web developer is to complete the task within the stipulated time period rather than just restricting to office hours.
  • Cutting-edge technology - Tech-savvies are always on a look out to work with new technology. This raises their excitement level thereby keeping the motivation levels on a high.


  • Petty changes - Web development isn’t always about creating something new, but rather modifying the old to make it partially new. This may mean that a web developer doesn’t always feel he/she is lending a remarkable contribution to the field.
  • Responsibility is important than interest - You always don’t get what you like! Same is the case for a web developer too. There are certain projects which a web developer is assigned that he/she is unwilling to do. In this situation, they are expected to pack their liking for a project in a box and treasure it.
  • Less challenging tasks - Since the liking of a task is not considered before allotting the project by the organization to the web developer, he/she might find it less challenging to work on it and hence lead to discontentment from organization’s end.
  • Minimal consultation in development - Oftentimes, decisions taken by the management is upstream and against the problem solving ability of the web developer. This is time consuming to resolve the problem and the creative ideas with less time-wastage of web developer aren’t taken into consideration.

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