Waitangi Day 2017

Waitangi day commemorates an important day in the history of New Zealand. Waitangi day is the National day of New Zealand celebrated every year on Feb 6th. Public holiday is given on National day to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document, on that day in 1840.

Waitangi Day represents the union of friendship between Maori people and the White European people, although it hasn’t been an easy path from there.

Under the Status with respect to the relations between the Waitangi Treaty and Maori people agreed to respond favorably to British Sovereignty. They in turn conceded with land rights and Citizenships.
However, the Treaty has never been officially approved by the New Zealand Parliament (although, it did passed a Treaty of Waitangi Act in 1975 which attempted to honor the terms of the agreement) and it has been the source of conflict and strife, especially in relation to land rights.

Treaty of Waitangi is an historic document however in seeking to elucidate the rights of Maori people and the European colonists. From this it lit the path way to New Zealand Nationhood, which Waitangi Day celebrates.

Waitangi Day is also called as New Zealand Day.

Waitangi Day 2017