What is VTNE Exam?

The VTNE Exam or other wise known as the “Veterinary Technician National Examination” is conducted by the American Association of Veterinary State Board (AAVSB). The VTNE Exam is for individuals who tend to pursue their career as a Veterinary Technician. The subjects that are covered in this exam are Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Surgical Preparation and Assisting, Laboratory Procedures, Animal Care and Nursing, Diagnostic Imaging and Anesthesia, Dentistry and Analgesia.

The Exam is multiple choice based and contains 225 question including 25 pretest questions which do not add to the final score. The time provided for the candidate to complete the test is 4 hours. The minimum score required to pass the VTNE Exam is 425.

Eligibility / Qualification / Requirements

The requirements for an individual to take the VTNE Exam vary from state to state. Each states Veterinary Board has its own set of rules and requirements for the exam. On a general note, only candidates graduated from universities that are approved and accredited from veterinary technician training programs are allowed to give the VTNE exam. A list of approved training schools are available on every state board's website.


Preparation for the VTNE Exam is crucial and cannot be left for a last minute run through. Various study materials and online exam flashcards are available for candidates to go through. Since the pass percentage is said to be around 65%, the exam will surely test the candidates skills as much as possible.


Scores are marked depending on the difficulty level of the examination. Points are allocated for every correct answer. Unanswered questions and questions answered incorrectly are measured on the same level. Hence it is better to guess an answer rather than leaving it blank.

Apply for VTNE Exam

To apply for the test, a nominal fee is to be paid by the candidate while submitting the applications. The candidate needs to create an account as well on the AAVSB site. Once the account is created, the applicant needs to check his eligibility for the exam depending on which state he/she is from.


The VTNE Exam can be taken within the span of three one month long periods every year. March 1 to March 31, July 15 to August 15 and November 15 to December 15 are the allocated months for the Exam. Prometric Centers are available for the candidate to find one best suited to his/her convenience.


As soon as the candidates are done with their exam only the result of either pass or fail will appear on their screen. However these results are preliminary and not official. Within a span of four months from the day of the test the results will be accessible through the candidates AAVSB account. The scores will also be sent to the state or province that was mentioned by the candidate in his/her application form.

VTNE Test Dates 2015

Exam Date
State Application Deadline Exam Window AAVSB Payment
12/12/14 10/08/14 11/15/14 - 12/15/14 10/15/14
04/10/15 02/04/15 03/15/15 – 04/15/15 02/15/15
08/07/15 06/04/15 07/15/15 – 08/15/15 06/15/15
12/11/15 10/07/15 11/15/15 – 12/15/15 10/15/15

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