VRA Exam

What is VRA Exam?

VRA stands for “Virginia Reading Assessment”. It is an exam for the teachers who cater to the elementary, early childhood schools in the state of Virginia. The VRA exam is made mandatory for teachers to pass in for few schools in Virginia. The exam is designed to test the candidates skill in English. The VRA test is done in two different ways one for the “Elementary” and “Special Education” teachers and other for the “Reading Specialist” teachers.

The Elementary and Special Education Section consists of 90 multiple choice questions and 4 questions regarding composition. In the Reading Specialist Section there are 90 multiple choice questions and 2 questions regarding composition where in the candidates needs to explain a strategy to a given scenario. The minimum score required to pass is 235 for the Elementary and Special Education Section and 244 on the Reading Specialist Section.

Eligibility / Qualifications

The VRA test is applicable by any teacher or any aspiring teacher who wants to teach in the following category – Elementary, Special Education or Reading Specialist in the state of Virginia.


The candidates have sample tests available for them to take online and can practice over those provided tests. The test is considered to be a little hard but is required for the candidates to be able to teach their students. Learning various critical concepts related questions are useful since the VRA test is mainly structured in a way so that the examiner can get a picture and understand what the candidate knows. It is mainly designed to give an idea of the candidates knowledge to the examiner.


The scores are marked straight forward, a point for every right answer. No points are deducted for any wrong or non-attempted questions.


To register for the test the candidate can either get it done online, through mail or even over the phone.


The VCLA site does provide adequate information regarding various places where the tests can be taken. The site contains details of different localities that are available for the test to be taken . The Pearson VUE test centers are also linked with the VRA tests and can be a helpful source in selecting place, area , time of examination most suitable to the candidate.


The results will be directly sent to the candidates and to the institution that was mentioned by the candidate earlier prior the examination. The date of release however will be put up on the site and can be found there by the candidates under the “Test Date” category.

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