Violent Crimes Law

Most important provisions of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation, violent crime includes murder, forcible rape and sexual assault, non-negligent manslaughter, robbery and forced assault. These violent crimes are categorized based on the fact whether or not force or threat of force is implicated in the crime. As per the latest statistics of data on crime victims taken by the US Department of Justice, more than 6.6 million violent crimes are committed every year, out of which 20 percent or 1.3 million are counted as inter-racial crimes. After many years of hard work, the most important violent crimes law bill was passed in 1994 which brought significant changes in the government’s programs and policies and expanded federal law in several ways.

Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994:

Apart from protecting the victims from the criminal acts, the violent crimes law of 1994 has provided grants for the new police officers and prisons as well as additional funding to FBI, INS, United States Attorneys, other Justice Department components and federal courts. Some of the most important provisions of the violent crimes law are stated as:

1. Ban on Assault weapons:

This law has banned the manufacture of 19 military-style semiautomatic assault weapons as well as the assault weapons which has two or more specific combat features. Moreover, the violent crimes law also barred certain high-capacity ammunition magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds. Even though it came into effect in September 13th, 1994 the law has expired because of many controversies.

2. Death Penalty:

The violent crimes law has expanded the Federal penalties to include 60 new death penalty offenses for crimes associated to terrorist homicides, murder of a Federal law enforcement officer, large scale drug trafficking, murders related to civil rights and deaths caused by the use of mass destruction weapons, carjackings and drive-by-shootings etc.

3. Violence against women:

The violence against women act of the violent crimes law has allocated special funding to prevent and investigate the brutality against women. The law also increased the federal penalties by doubling the maximum term of imprisonment for the repeated sex offenders.

Other penalties for offenders:

  • Violent crimes law has also enacted other controversial provisions such as the elimination of inmate education and registration for sexually violent offenders.
  • It enhanced the penalty to mandatory life imprisonment for federal offenders with three or more serious violent criminal acts without the possibility of parole.
  • Another important aspect of the violent crimes law is the augmentation of the immigration laws by improving the border control & patrolling and deportations of the unlawful residents who are convicted of aggravated offenses.

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