Vienna Opera Ball 2016

The audition - only for already registered couples - will take place in autumn February 4th, 2016. The date will be announced shortly.


  • Entry Ticket / Eintrittskarte (1 Person) 362,00 EUR
  • Entry + Table Place for 2 Persons / Eintritt + Tischanteil für 2 Personen 1225,00 EUR
  • Table Sold OUT
  • Loge Sold OUT
  • Contact No : +43 1 514 44 2606

Entrance tickets are available for purchase on the Opera House website. Individual boxes in different sizes and locations are also available for purchase – check the website for the plan and pricing.

The Ball oozes glamour and glitz – the who’s who of Austrian society can be seen at this event. In recent years, attendees come from an eclectic mix of commoners, artistocrats and quite a few of the bohemian set.

The Dance opens with a Polonaise – showcasing the dancing skills of people on the dance floor. Romantic waltz music composed by Strauss, Ziehrer and Joseph Lanner are the mainstay. Entrants can also enjoy swing and the foxtrot.

If a few of the people are challenged as far as dancing is concerned, they can just sit back, enjoy the music, food and company.

2016 Vienna Opera Ball Introduction

This festival is a much awaited society event – the venue is the Vienna State Opera House. It takes place before Easter and is easily one of the biggest highlights of the Carnival season. It is a formal event where women dress in gowns and men dress in black – with a white tie.

Vienna Opera Ball Background

The Ball was first inaugurated in 1854 and harkens back to a time of leisure and dancing – to reflect aristocratic life in the palaces of the Hapsburg empire. The Ball was suspended briefly due to World War II – it resumed after the War and has been held every year since. It was canceled in 1991 because of the Gulf War.

Every year, the auditorium of the Opera House turns into a large ballroom. All the seats are removed and a new floor is installed – to be level with the stage. The dress rehearsal for the Ball is held the day before the event.

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