Video Game Designer Career

With the growing stress in daily lives, people tend to find solace in various forms of entertainment like television, movies, music etc. However, with the popularity of internet and smartphones, another thing that has caught the fancy of youngsters and adults alike are, video games. You can find people playing these games to relax and enjoy. This in turn has increased the demand for better, interactive video games. This is one of the main reasons why, avideo game designer careerhas become so lucrative and sought after.

What is a Video Game Designer?

As the term suggests, a video game designer is a person, who designs these games. From thinking of a concept to developing a story line, designing characters to defining their actions and reactions, a video game designer plays an intrinsic part in the whole conceptualization and development of a video game.

Basic Qualifications Required for a Video Game Designer Career

In order to pursue a career as a video game designer, you would need some basic qualifications.

Bachelor's Degree: A Bachelor's degree in computer programming, computer engineering, computer science or game designs.

Certifications: Other than the bachelor's degree, knowledge of latest programming languages would be an added benefit for a video game designer career.

Certification programs could include:

  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Flash
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • Behaviours and Effect Engineering
  • Environmental Process Engineering

How to Become a Video Game Designer

If you aim to make a career in video game designing, it would be a good idea to follow the step given below. These would propel you along the right path to realise your dream.

1.Courses in High School: In order to realise your dream of avideo game desinger career, you need to plan ahead and join some relevant courses in high school. Other than computer science and art, you also need to learn advanced mathematics in high school. This should include calculus, analytic geometry, linear algebra and trigonometry.

2.Courses in College:If you aim to make a career as a video game designer, you will have to dedicate about four to five years pursuing a degree in computer engineering, computer science or game designs. You will find that many colleges have started offering the game design course. This course trains you in all the various stages of video game designing including project management, technical know how, designing the game and prototyping it. Thus, this is definitely the best course for a video game designer.

3.Other Skills: If you thought that educational qualification is all that you would need to become a designer, think again. Skills like capability to tell a story, creative thinking, team management, coding and animation would be an added advantage to make a place for yourself in the world of video games.

4. Gaining Experience: You need to start from the entry level and then work your way up to become a video game designer. Initially you would be appointed as a junior designer, programmer or artist. However, considerable experience would trigger you to higher and better positions.

5. Develop your Own Games: Try developing small games using your expertise and some low cost software in your free time. This would expose you to the various nuances of video game designing and would also imbibe you with more confidence and experience.

6. Continue Updating Skills: Do not limit your learning process to acquiring the required degrees. Every year, newer programming languages and techniques are launched, it is important that you update your knowledge about the latest developments in your field. Joining certification programmes would also help you in updating your knowledge and keep you at par with the new breed of designers.

What does a Video Game Designer Do?

Based on the size and complexity of a game, a person pursuing avideo game designer careeris expected to operate alone or along with a team comprising of other designers. This job requires both technical as well as artistic talent. Take a look at the duties of a video game designer:

  1. Coming up with a unique story line and developing it into something concrete.
  2. Creating characters for the game along with their detailed biographies.
  3. Designing maps, situations and scenarios for the game and deciding on the animations, sounds etc.
  4. Defining the mechanisms and role of each character .
  5. Breaking up the project into smaller prototypes and assigning it among the team members.
  6. Reviewing the design of the game at different stages.
  7. Documenting all the details of the project including legal, financial, designing status etc.
  8. Developing the technical specifications for the proposed design.
  9. Brain storming with the team to improvise on the existing design.
  10. Presenting the final design before the investors.
  11. Assisting in different levels of video game designing.
  12. Fine tuning the game once the designing has been completed and launching it.

Salary of a Video Game Designer

Depending upon your educational qualification, experience, size of the company and location, the salary of a video game designer could be anything between $45,090 and $121, 230. Some of the companies also offer bonus, a share in the company profit and commission to the video game designer.

Video Game Designer Career Outlook

The business of video games is a flourishing one. With high tech gadgets and gaming consoles being launched into the market, people are hooked to video games. This has led to this industry growing into a billion dollar one, within a span of a few years. It is believed that the opportunities forvideo game designer careerwould increase by 11.59% in the next couple of years.

With an increase in the demand for interactive games, a career as a video game developer would be a lucrative one in the coming years. So, if you have your dreams set up to make it big in this career, go ahead and get the required qualifications and skills.

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