Veterans Day Themes

The United States has witnessed numerous major conflicts of the world in the 20th and 21st Century. Dating back to 1914, United States united with Britain, France and Russia then for World War I against the confederation of Germany, Italy and Austria. The United States recorded over 116,000 victims of the war, the highest since the Civil War.

The War ended in 1918 at the eleventh hour, eleventh day of the eleventh month. This day was formerly known as Armistice Day, and is not more familiar as Veterans Day. Veterans Day is celebrated to accolade veterans living and dead who gave their sweat and blood for United Nations.

Veteran Day Themes

Themes for celebrating Veterans Day can be planned keeping in mind the sacrifices of soldiers who lost their lives in the war to protect the people of United States. The below mentioned points can be followed for celebrating this day.

1. Remember significance of this day- Educate people in and around you the importance of this holiday by exposing them to Veteran Day's history, the sacrifices soldiers made in the war to keep people of United States protected.

2. Plan a party- Plan a get together with all your family and friends to celebrate Veterans Day. The theme of the party can be a costume party dressed in Veterans Day theme, or a fashion show of the same theme.

3. Parade- A parade to honor all the soldiers on this day is definitely a good thought.


Veterans Day is a day to remember all the veterans living and dead for their contribution to our country.  To celebrate this national holiday, you can also select any theme whilst observing a silence for two minutes.

Veterans Day Themes