Veterans Day Symbols

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 each year to honor the soldiers of United States who lost their lives in a battle with Germany, Italy and Austria. The United States, in the year 1914, for its freedom joined hands with Britain, France and Russia to end the World War I against the other countries. More than 116,000 soldiers and people lost their lives to save their countrymen.

The World War I came to an end at the eleventh hour, eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 1918. Since then, this particular day is known as Veterans Day. Although this day was formerly known as Armistice Day, its is now commonly known as Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Symbols

Flower Poppy is considered as a symbol of Veterans Day because it grows and cultivates in the grain field covering the battlegrounds of Europe where soldiers of Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Japan, Russia and United States lost their lives in World War I.

The soldiers who returned from the war narrated stories of the wild red poppies cultivating in the barren field of war. They believed that the battlefield became soul resting place for fallen soldiers, and poppies grew as an honor to them. The red color of poppies, to many, is a symbol of blood of the soldiers who lost their lives.

Along with red poppies, the star and stripes of the American Flag is also a Veterans Day Symbols. Britain and Australia espoused Poppy as a mark of remembrance, and also to raise funds. 

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