Veterans Day Parade 2015

The Veterans Day, an official US holiday, honors the men who have served in the US Army. The Veterans Day Parade is a huge and significant event that happens in New York's Manhattan borough in line with the celebration of the day that commemorates the great men who defended the nation. With over 25,000 people crowding the streets of New York, the parade has become one of the largest events of the US.

The Date and Place of the Veterans Day Parade

The Veterans Day Parade happens annually on the 11th of November. The parade promptly kicks off at 11:00 in the morning. An hour prior to the parade, there is a wreath laying ceremony that takes place at the Eternal Flame in Madison Square Park. Marchers and participants of The Veterans Day Parade assemble on the Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street where the start of the parade would be, and continues up to the Fifth Avenue to 56th Street. The Veterans Day Parade lasts for an approximately three hours.

The Participants of the Veterans Day Parade

The streets are filled with a huge crowd of Veterans Day participants that include floats, marching bands, various organizations and government groups. Marchers also include family members of veterans, officers, and ROTC junior members. All branches of active military units are also there, as well as the recipients of Medal of Honor. Representative of schools from around the nation are also present in the parade.

Veterans Day vs. Memorial Day

People are quite confused between the Memorial Day and the Veterans Day. As both events honor the men who have defended the nation, there is a thin line that draws the difference. When it comes to commemorating the brave men who sacrificed their lives for the nation, it is the Memorial Day. The Veterans Day, on the other hand, honors all veterans, both the dead and the living.

NYC Veterans Day Parade Route Map:

NYC Veterans Day Parade Route Map

Gulf Coast Veterans Day Parade

Gulf Coast Veterans Day Parade Route Map
Gulf Coast Veterans Day Parade Route

Veterans Day Parade Events by State

Veterans Day Parade 2015