Veterans Day Events 2015

Veterans Day is celebrated to honor to all American veterans both living and dead for their contribution in World War I. Veterans Day is a national holiday commemorated on November 11 each year which is the day when World War I came to a halt after signing the treaty of peace in the year 1918.

What events can be organized to celebrate Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a special day for all countrymen to honor the militants and veterans who served, fought and lost their lives in war to protect their fellow countrymen. Therefore, it is our obligation to celebrate this day by organizing and indulging in events which honor them.

Paying a visit to monuments and memorials of militants and people fallen in war is a great way to honor them. American government also organizes parades and ceremonies that pay a tribute to the veterans.

Veterans Day Events & Ceremonies

Each year on November 11, a color guard is chosen from the military branches all over America to honor the nation's veterans, both living and dead, at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery followed by placing of a garland at the Tomb by the President or his representatives. Several  Veteran organizations also march with a “ Parade of Flags “ .

Veterans Day Events 2015