VCR Day 2017

There is little information on how this day started or even by whom. One good reason to celebrate is the fact that this device revolutionized the way people watched movies and other favorite programs at home.

Importance of Day

YouTube is a fairly recent phenomenon, as are DVDs and smartphones. Before all of these inventions, the video cassette recorder was the way many people chose to record their favorite programs and also milestone events. VCRs helped viewers to enjoy watching movies and TV serials and soaps.

VCRs and video cassettes have been available as far back as the 1950s – they became affordable to consumers only by the mid-1970s. Different formats were available for use in different countries and these devices were instrumental in changing the viewing experience.

How to celebrate

Celebrating VCR Day should be quite a lot of fun and easy to do as well. Get friends and family together and watch favorite movies together. Have a theme party from your favorite decade and even have snacks from that time like popcorn, sandwiches and ice dream. Celebrate mom and dad’s wedding anniversary by watching their wedding video – there are so many ways to make the occasion fun.

VCRs may be obsolete in some countries but in others, it is still the preferred way to watch movies at home instead of going out. The biggest difference that VCRs brought about in viewing habits is that it allowed viewers to watch their favorite programs at a more convenient time.


Websites like YouTube and others are offering features which allow viewers to watch old videos recorded on VHS tapes to celebrate VCRs. If you are one of those people who has a VCR and old videotapes of programs and events, why not invite friends and family over? Watch events together and remember the good times. In fact, many websites are holding contests to celebrate the VCR. Send in your videos and make a splash – share your stories and relive the good times. Vintage footage and videos are very much in demand. After all, VCRs and tapes changed the way people remember landmark events in their lives, whether it is world events, music or movies.