Veterinary Schools

Veterinary means a broad education about biology of animals, which are under the control of human beings. In USA, there are less number of veterinary schools as compared to human medicine, so more number of the students will have to change their place to near by locations of school. Many of veterinary school graduates look for experience in practices that have a large number of regulars in the types of animals they are interested in, such as reptiles, small mammalians etc. Veterinarians are a highly educated medical graduate, who gives the healthcare and high worth of life to all kinds of animals. They use problem-solving methods and in-depth information of biological, physical and social science to analyze, treat and avoid animal diseases and help to retain the value of our environment.

           In USA many of the veterinarians work in their own practice and they specialize in areas such as small animal surgery, environmental toxicology, and aquatic medicine etc. In the United States, there are several types of degrees in veterinary schools, these are different for depending upon the countries and may include graduate or undergraduate. Veterinary schools in USA and many other countries award the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree to graduate students.

Different types of Practices:

1. Private practice:

      Private practice means they may practice in one medical course like surgery or dermatology. In which they provide primary health care to small animals on case by case and must make a profit to survive. 70% of practitioners interested to provide basic care to animals and prevention of diseases.

2. Public practice:

      Public practice means they may work for national or local departments that look over the health and welfare of domestic animals of free-ranging wildlife. These practitioners analyze diseases, examine meat and poultry, oversee communicable disease programs and conduct research. Such careers can involve working with the famous research centers like United States Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Department of Agriculture, National Institutes of Health and others.

Top Veterinary Schools in USA by State

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