Nursing Schools

Nursing schools aim to provide qualified education along with coaching to build up thoroughly skilled nurses. It is not so easy to pick career as a professional nurse but it is possible with the nursing schools which train and settle the nurse students on correct path. Taking a decision to become nurse is a great choice as the responsibilities of nurse are highly tough because it engages in taking decisions which has huge impact on others life.

   As the nursing profession is highly diverse compared with others so nursing training is having the need to enclose widespread practice in various areas.  Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing in New York City which was established in 1873 is first nursing school of US. Following are the degrees offered by nursing schools:

  • Diploma in nursing
  • Associate of science in nursing
  • Bachelor of science in nursing degrees
  • Bachelor of nursing degrees
  • Master of science in Nursing degrees
  • Doctorate of Nursing Practice degrees

   After passing degree in nursing the most important exam that has to be taken is NCLEX which is divided in to two types that are:

  • NCLEX-PN for Licensed Practical Nurses – examination time is 6 hours
  • NCLEX-RN for Registered Nurses – examination time is 5 hours

   Following are the nursing skills that are to be obtained by every nurse by the end of their degree from nursing schools:

  • Compassion
  • Excellent people skills
  • Communication
  • Ethics
  • Capability to answer questions and suggestions
  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Adaptability
  • Commitment

   Employment opportunities after nursing education can be any of the following roles:

  • Adult nurses
  • Mental health nurses
  • Children’s nurses
  • Learning and disability nurses
  • District nurses
  • Neonatal nurses
  • Health visitors
  • Practice nurses
  • School nurses
  • Theatre nurses

   While selecting nursing schools focus on degree you like to pursue and from that list pick the schools which offer regular education in school while other go with offering classes close to home. In this way nursing schools have to be filtered and choose the one which you think is perfect for the degree you like to take and which can provide you with all your requirements.  Here is the list of nursing schools in USA pick a best school in your city which offers you the course that is preferred by you.

3927 schools and colleges offering Nursing program in the United State of America.

  • Associate Degree in Nursing : 1222 Schools
  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing : 982 Schools
  • Certificate program in Nursing : 793 Schools
  • Via distance education in Nursing : 529 Schools
  • Doctorate in Nursing : 61 Schools

Nursing program offering schools by State