USA L1 Visa Rejection Reasons

USA L1 Visa is the intra company visa which is issued to the employees of a multinational company which is located in America. There are many applications in this category. As there is globalization taking place in big scale, America is the fast becoming, one of the major hubs for most of the multinational companies. L1 visa is mostly applied by the company on your behalf. There are many factors on which you are considered to be eligible for this particular visa. For some specified reasons your application is rejected. Some of the most common reasons why your L1 visa application is rejected are given below.

  • If the US Company which you are a part of is disqualified then your visa application is rejected.
  • If there is a branch of your non US company and that branch or parent company is disqualified your application is rejected.
  • If there is no intention of doing business or if the business deal is withdrawn your application is not accepted.
  • If there is a fraud in your application or the petition which you filed then the petition is disqualified.
  • As per section 212(a) of Immigration and Naturalization Act, if the applicant is not eligible for the L1 visa then the application is not approved by USCIS.

There are many other reasons why a L1 visa application is rejected. Another misconception of the applicants is that the mood of the officer is also dependent. This is not true in any case. These officers are professionally trained and they follow legitimate process of approving or rejecting the visa.

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