USA L1 Visa Application Form

L1 Visa is issued for the companies who would like to transfer their employees from their other branches to the branches in the USA.  There are two different sections of L1 visa applications which are categorized. One is the regular L1 visa which is issued to an individual employee and the other L1 visa type is the Blanket L1 visa. With this type of visa one can apply for a non immigrant visa for a group of people. You need to apply for USA L1 visa by taking up Form I-129.

Form I-129 is the first requirement which you need to send to USCIS. This form will indicate that you will need a temporary non immigrant visa which will be issued if you clear the interview. This will also apply a petition that the individual is applying for a temporary work permit. Apart from the form you will need a letter from your company which is addressed to the US counsel which states your job profile and the duration of your work. The letter should also describe the duties you will be carrying out in the organization which is located in America.

The filing fee of the form will come upto $185 and another extra $500 should be paid for Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee. In case of a Blanket Petition $500 for blanket petition should be paid and an additional $500 for each employee who comes under the blanket should be paid. These are the initial payments which are supposed to be done while filing the application for USA L1 visa.

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