USA L1 Visa Application Fees

USA L1 Visa is for the business officials who would like to have intra company transfer and come to USA. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have designed this visa as a travel document for the high positioned employees. When these employees are supposed to transfer to offices in America the company will apply for this visa. There are two types of L1 Visa, L1-A and L1-B.

Any company which is doing business in America can apply for a LI visa on behalf of the employee. The company can either sponsor the employee or they can apply for the visa on his behalf. In Blanket L1 visa, companies tend to apply for number of visas at the same time. When they have to send a team to United States then they apply for their visa in Blanket L1 visa. This way they identify a group instead of an individual. The payment of the application form depends on the petition. For every country or company it is different.  You need to check with the council how much it is going to charge you for applying. You can get the L1 visa application form for free on the online portals.

For the processing of the petitioned visa applications you need to pay $150 per application. If you are filing more than 50 applications for L1 Visa you should pay $2000 to the USCIS.  This fee you can pay in banks which have collaboration with the US consulates.  You will be receiving green receipt for the payment which you give in the banks. This receipt has to be kept carefully as they will be asking for this receipt at the time of the interview.

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