US Immigration

Immigration by meaning is arrival or the settling of people from one into another. The immigration process is a long one. Immigration is an act of entering a new country to settle permanently. United States is ranked top among many other countries by people who wish to settle down in this state.

Immigration to the US has been of high standing source of the increase in population growth and cultural change in the history of the United States. The economic, political and social appearance of immigration has been a subject of dispute regarding ethnicity, economic benefits, settlement patterns, crime, voting behavior and jobs for non-immigrants.

The US has B1, H1B, L1, E1 and E2 visas along with green cards.

The process to apply for US immigration is described below,

Family Members:  An immigrant must the sponsor’s spouse, son or daughter (over 21 or married). The immigration process starts with the sponsor filling out form I-130. Once it is done, the person is placed in a line of other people of the country they are immigrating from. They will be issued an immigration visa when their turn comes.

Through Employment: Though this can be done by filling out the ETA 750 form which is a labor certification request, it permits certain skilled workers to come to the United States by quality of their abilities alone. These workers can be expertise in the field of art, business, education, athletics, physicians and persons with advanced degrees. Although unskilled people can come too, they are given a low priority when compared to the above mentioned people. A petition is then filed which is From I-140.  A visa and a visa number will then be assigned to the employee through which he can apply for a permanent residence in the US and become a citizen.

Other Process: While the simplest methods of becoming an immigrant are through family or employment, there is also a lottery program which allows 55,000 visas to be issued from countries with low rates of immigration. Other processes include investing big sums of money in companies, through asylum, create new companies or through being a refugee.

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