USA F1 Visa Renewal

USA F1 visa is issued to all the foreign students who want to study in the USA. A student can stay in America with an F1 visa as long as he has the student status. This means even after his visa is expired in his passport he can stay in America. But once he leaves US with that expired visa he cannot come back to the country. The duration of the stay is thus dependent on the student’s status. If you want to stay back in America you can extend your visa by applying for a visa extension. Here are some of the eligibilities for you which need to have to apply for a visa extension if you are having F1 visa.

F1 Visa Extension Eligibilities 

Legally there are some obligations which you need to fulfill if you want to extend your visa. The following are the eligibility factors for USA F1 visa extension –

  • You need to possess a valid reason which is academic oriented to extend your visa.
  •  Lawfully you are admitted in USA with a non-immigrant visa.
  • Your F1 visa should be valid when you are applying for extension.
  • There should not be any police case on your name at the time of stay in USA before the visa extension or renewal.
  • You should abide by the rules of your admission and no violation should be there.
  • Your passport should be valid for the extension of your visa.
  • There should be no intention of staying back in USA.
  • Financial support should be shown to support your stay in USA.

Ideally as per the USCIS you need to apply for your extension 45 days before the expiry of your visa. You need a Form I-539 which you can submit as a hard copy or through internet. You should state the reason why you need the extension or renewal of your F1 visa in the form. To process your Form I-539 you need to pay $290. Remember to keep your documents ready before going for an extension of your USA F1 visa.

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