USA F1 Visa Rejection Reasons

USA F1 visa applications are for students from across the world who wants to study in the USA. There are number of applications which pour into USCIS every day asking for permit to study in the USA. F1 visa is applied by the foreign students who like to do masters or graduation in USA. The age bracket for applying for this visa is 14-79. Applicants who are not falling in this age bracket do not have to attend and interview unless the consulate wants to interview the candidate.

Many applications are not accepted as they fall under some category of disqualification. Documentation plays a major role in convincing the officer who interviews the applicant. The officer may reject the application under any grounds. Some of the most common and known rejection reasons of USA F1 visa application are given below. If the applicant doesn’t have complete documentation then the applicant is not approved with visa.

  • If the applicant is not truthful in his answers or tries to misguide the officer then the officer will check the documents and will immediately reject your application.
  •  If the applicant is not financially well supported then the officer may reject the application.
  • Maximum number of applications will be refused under section 221(g).  This section deals with application which do not have proper documentation or if the application has missing documentation.
  • Another section under which visa application is rejected is 214(b). This section comes into act when the applicant cannot support his intention of going to the USA. If the counselor officer doesn’t get convinced of the applicants tie ups in his hometown then he may reject the application. The counselor would like to see the applicants tie ups with his home town is strong and he has no intention of staying back or settling in America.

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