USA F1 Visa Application Form

USA F1 visa application is the visa which is applied by many students who are willing to study in USA. As the value of masters in US is rated very high all across the world, students opt to do their masters in America. There are lots of universities which are accepting admission of students from around the globe. F1 visa application is the mostly applied form of visa in USCIS. Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) is an organization which is developed to help Department of Homeland Security to help maintain the exchange program in USA. It monitors the exchange program F, M and J category visitors who come to America to study.

Every student needs a Form I-20 which is issued by the university. The university has to take the responsibility to apply for Form I-20 at the SEVP on behalf of the student. The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is a department which keeps the database of all the exchange students in the internet. This department approves the Form I-20 which is necessary for all the students to apply for USA F1 Visa. The application form for F1 visa is issued only if the student has Form I-20. With this form you will get your F1 visa application. The Form I-20 will be electronically verified at the counsel in order to process your student visa application. This process is mandatory where every student has to go through it.

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