USA B2 Visa Renewal

USA Visitor’s visa is known as B2 VISA. By having this visa you can travel in America and spend some quality time. The validity of the visitor visa is 6 months for the date of approval of application. For six months you can stay anywhere in America and go to any city. But after 6 months on or before the date of the expiration of the visa you have to depart from America. If you cannot for any reason, then you will be out-of-status.  In case you want to extend the visiting visa, then you have to renew your visa or extend your time validity of your visa.

There are two ways of extensions. One is Extension of stay and the other is Visa extension. For applying for B2 visa one has to apply with Form I-94. If you want to extend your visa or stay you have to reapply your visa with Form I-539, Application to Extend Status. If you submit this form in USCIS then your request to extend your visa will be taken under consideration. It is not necessary that your request will be approved. It totally dependents on the USICS officers to decide whether or not you’ll get your visa renewed. While submitting the form you should also provide proof to USICS that you are properly supported financially. This aspect will also be considered in approving your visa renewal.

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