What Are Eligibilities of USA B2 Visa

B2 Visa is also known as Visitors visa. If you want to go to visa on temporary purpose to America then you have to apply for this visa form. B2 Visa will allow you to stay in America for 6 months from the date of approval of visa. There are certain criteria which one has to fulfill the requirements of the eligibility.

An applicant has to fulfill the eligibility parameters which are approved by the Immigration and Nationality Act. The act assumes that anyone who is entering America is an immigrant provided he/she is not a citizen of USA. Therefore it becomes necessary that you prove yourself eligible to enter USA. The following factors are the eligibility factors for B2 visa –

  • You have to enter America only for vacation purpose (medical or pleasure) and no other commitments.
  • You have a planned stay i.e. you will stay there only for a specific period of time and not more than that.
  • You need to show that you have social tie ups in your hometown and there are residents of your country who will assure your return.
  • There should be no relatives of yours residing in USA.

If you are fulfilling all the above factors then you can apply for a USA B2 Visa to enter America and have an amazing trip.

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