How Long Can Stay With USA B1 Visa

USA B1 Visa is a temporary visa which is issued for people who would like to enter USA for business purposes. You need to apply for B1 visa if you are planning to go to America on business purpose. It is a temporary visa on which you can stay for a limited time. You can later on extend if your objective of going to visa is not completed. A person can stay up to 6 months on B1 Visa in America. You can apply once in a year for B1 visa. You cannot apply twice for B1 visa in the same year instead you can extend your visa or stay.

From the date your visa is approved your visa is valid up to 6 months. You need to depart from America on or before the last date of your visa expiration. You need to take a passport which is valid up to 6 months after your deporting day in America. 

You can carry out various activities in US once you enter the country on B1 visa. As it is a business visa you are allowed to do business activities. The following are the example of various activities you can do when you are on B1 visa –

  • You can attend business meetings
  • Consult business consultants
  • Negotiate goods prices and other related work
  • Appear as witness in court trials
  • You can do research oriented work
  • Trade or purchase goods

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