USA B1 Visa Renewal

USA B1 visa is a business purpose visa. This visa will allow you to enter America and do business dealings. B1 visa is a temporary visa which will allow you to stay only for a limited period of time. The maximum time which you can stay in America holding this visa is 6 months. From the date of approval of the visa application you can stay for 6 months in USA.  You need to deport from US on or before the date of expire of your visa. If you are not able to return to your country then you will be termed as Out-of-status. The second option of staying back in America is to renew your visa or in other words extend your visa.

You need to approach the nearest USCIS and ask for the process of renewing your USA B1 visa. For being eligible for renewal you need to show proof to the officers in USCIS that you are able to financially support yourself in America for the period you are going to stay in USA. Also you have to assure that you will not take up jobs for surviving in USA or try to settle in the country. The intention of you leaving the country should be clear and evident to the officer in USCIS.

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