USA B1 Visa Rejection Reasons

USA B1 visa is for the people who go to America on business commitments. This visa application will be rejected for many reasons. One of the important aspects of visa approval is the documentation which is presented to the visa officer. Therefore it is very important that you provide all the documentation which is asked while in an interview with a visa officer. Many people have the assumption that the approval of your visa is dependent on the mood of the visa officer who is interviewing you. This is not true. Visa officers are trained professionals who are not affected by an applicant’s behavior. Therefore it is rest assured that the behavior of the applicant before you is not going to change the fate of your visa.

Rejection reasons of your visa are completely dependent on the presentation of the applicant. The following reasons are the main reasons considered for the rejection of your B1 visa.

  • If your documentation is incomplete then your visa application will be rejected. Your documentation is a proof for the visa officer which tells about your personal activities and your motive of going to America. If they are incomplete then there are chances of you not getting the approval of the visa officer.
  • If the visa officer is not convinced of the intention of yours to go to America, then your application may be rejected. Therefore you should be careful how you describe your trip to the officer.
  • Most of the applications are rejected under section 214(b) Intending Immigrant Provision. All the applicants should provide satisfactory proof to the visa officers regarding their tie ups at their hometowns. These factors rest assure the officer that you are forced to return back to your home town from US and you have no intentions of staying or settling in USA.

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