What Are the Documents Required For USA B1 Visa

USA B1 visa is a visitor business visa on which you can enter America and stay for a short time. This visa is issued to people who have business commitments in America or who are visiting America for business negotiations. To get your application approved, documentation plays a major role in convincing the visa officer in the consulate. The required documents for the visa application are –

  • US Visa application Form DS-160. This document will be given to you once you fill in the online application form for visa.
  • Visa application fee receipt which you will receive in the consulate.  
  • Copy of the interview appointment letter.
  • Most important is the individual passport. Every applicant should carry a valid passport which has a validity date of 6 months beyond the intended period of stay. This is very important for every applicant irrespective of their age, gender, caste or creed.

Apart from the regular documents you should also provide some supporting documents which prove that you are actually going on an official trip to USA. This will help you to convince the visa officer that you are genuinely going on a business trip. These supporting documents are very helpful in convincing the visa officer that you will come back and not stay or settle in USA. They show your strong tie ups in your home town which will compel you to return back from America. The documents which are useful in the Interview are -  

  • A reference letter to the Visa consulate which indicates the purpose of your visit to USA. Also if the firm is sponsoring you in your visit then you can include that aspect also which will be all the more helpful for you in the interview.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, then you have to bring the documents which support your financial status and your ability to support your trip.
  • Ideally it would be better if you bring documents which are concerned to your enterprise. A brochure of your company or a visiting card will also do well in this case.
  • If you are attending a conference then there should be some kind of registration with the associated meeting or conference which you can show it as proof at the time of interview.

With all the necessary documents if you are attending your visa interview there is no need to be tensed about. Give your interview confidently and your application will be approved. All the best!

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