USA B1 Visa Application Fees

USA B1 Visa application is used for business visa. Business officials can enter America by using business visa. This can also be considered as a visitor visa or visitor for business visa. You get a business visitor visa when you apply with this visa application. To get the B1 visa application, you can register in a website and avail the form. There are many websites which provide the application form free of cost. While providing the filled application form you will be charged a particular amount for the processing of the application.

The applicant can submit the form in his nearest USCIS center. There are many consulates around the world which accept B1 visa application. Additional to the visa processing fee you will have to pay a visa issuance fee if your visa is approved. The fee payment should be done at the consulate. The amount to be paid can be checked in the Visa Reciprocity Tables which are provided to you in the consulate.

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