List of Art Schools

Art school is an educational institution that teaches visual arts, which includes photography, painting, sculpture and architecture. Mainly, art schools are administered in schools and colleges to encourage students in extracurricular activities apart from academic studies.

Few institutions offer degree in arts, which adds an additional certificate for a student along with academic certificate. You can express your ideas and thoughts in the artwork to communicate with others, those who see it as a meaningful art. Even you can turn your passion to career in this field, if you have an interest on creativity.

There are many schools and colleges across the world that teaches you an artwork in different sections such as fashion design, video game design, graphic design or architecture. Creative skills and ideal thoughts in artwork, provides an option for students to grab an opportunities in any field.

Art education schools enable students to improve their problem solving and logical thinking skills. Artwork is an unique quality, in which context is communicated in a visual and graphical way to attract viewers. There are many universities that celebrate the artistic traditions and encourages upcoming artists and scholars by rewarding them with scholarships and mementos.

Artwork is an unique and valuable profession, which provides countless opportunities for artists to express their ideal thoughts and creative thinking skills. There are many career opportunities a student can achieve after completing the graduation in visual arts. Career opportunities such as,

  • Artist Representative
  • Appraiser
  • Art Museum Program Assistant
  • Collection Manager
  • College/University Art History Instructor
  • Corporate Curator
  • Curatorial Assistant
  • Fine Art Auctioneer
  • Gallery Curator
  • Historical Preservationist
  • Independent Scholar
  • 12. Museum Curator
  • Private Collection Curator
  • Public Art Curator
  • Researcher
  • Visual Resources Curator

Here, we offer you a list of art schools in USA, each state has different art schools and different policies to guide a student in artwork. We can help you to choose a right kind of art school that will enable you to reach your goal in visual arts field.

List of Art Schools in USA

Alabama Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Alaska Iowa Nevada South Dakota
Arizona Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
Arkansas Kentucky New Jersey Texas
California Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Colorado Maine New York Vermont
Connecticut Maryland North Carolina Virginia
Delaware Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
Florida Michigan Washington DC West Virginia
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma Wisconsin
Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wyoming
Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania  
Illinois Montana Rhode Island