Architecture Schools

"Architecture" is a combination of both work process of "Planning and Designing" of the product, and also involved in the state of "Construction of Buildings and Other Physical Structures". Architectural works are in the material form of constructing buildings and other antiques. These are often considered as some of the cultural symbols and as an art.
This architecture can mean of:

  • It is a general word to mark out the buildings and other historical constructions.
  • It is an art & science of planning and designing of buildings and non-building structures
  • It is a style, the way of constructing buildings and other physical constructions.
  • The process of architect means applying or maintaining some professional services with the construction of buildings or build environments.
  • The process of evaluating of an architect is from maximum level (designing, landscape evaluation) to minimum level (construction details, furniture).

The major functions of architect are to planning, designing, construction, functional, technical, social and environment considerations. He has the creative ability of coordination of materials and technology. Often if there is a problem in conflicting the requirements should be resolved. He also encompasses that the aspects of the realizing of buildings and structures, scheduling, cost estimation and construction administration.

There are several schools in the worldwide for the teaching of architecture. An architecture school can also be called as school of architecture or college of architecture. This is a place where graduates have gone into the specializing of architectural education.

These colleges teach about the architecture and science of technology. Here the students learn that how to manage the problems and to resolve the requirements insufficient and etc. they also learn, what are the cost and the time to be completion of a construction and they usually submit these are in documents.

Documentation produced by the architects in the form of drawings, plan and technical specifications, defines the structure and behavior of the system to be constructed.  These architects give the utility and the beauty of the constructions.

560 schools and colleges offering Architecture program in the United State of America.

  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture : 203 Schools
  • Associate Degree in Architecture : 91 Schools
  • Certificate program in Architecture : 51 Schools
  • Doctorate in Architecture : 41 Schools
  • Via distance education in Architecture : 19 Schools

Architecture program offering schools by State