US Senate Election in Vermont 2012

2012 US Senate Election in Vermont

Bernie Sanders  
Nominee Bernie Sanders John MacGovern
Party Independent Republican

Previous Senator


Bernie Sanders

The US Senate elections 2012 in Vermont is going to take place in Hawaii on November 6th.

2012 US Senate Election in Vermont


  • Cris Ericson (U.S. Marijuana), perennial candidate, also running for governor
  • Laurel LaFramboise (VoteKISS)
  • John MacGovern (Republican) -Former Massachusetts state representative
  • Peter Moss (Peace and Prosperity)
  • Bernie Sanders (I), incumbent U.S. Senator

US Senate Election Results in Vermont 2012

United States Senate election in Vermont 2012
Party Candidate Votes % ±%

John MacGovern

  U.S. Marijuana

Cris Ericson

  VoteKISS Laurel LaFramboise      
  Peace and Prosperity Peter Moss      
  Independent Bernie Sanders      

Results of US Senate Election in Vermont 2010

Party Candidate Votes Percentage
  Democratic Patrick Leahy (incumbent) 148,444 64.4%
  Republican Len Britton 71,273 30.9%
  Independent Daniel Freilich 3,435 1.5%
  Marijuana Cris Ericson 2,648 1.1%
  Independent Stephen Cain 2,284 1.0%
  Socialist Peter Diamondstone 1,407 0.6%
  Independent Johenry Nunes 987 0.4%
Totals   %
Voter turnout    %