US School Grades

Level/Grade Typical age (at end of the school year)
Various optional programs, such as Head Start Under 6
Pre-Kindergarten 4–5
Elementary School
Kindergarten 5–6
1st Grade 6–7
2nd Grade 7–8
3rd Grade 8–9
4th Grade 9–10
5th Grade 10–11
Middle School
6th Grade 11–12
7th Grade 12–13
8th Grade 13–14
High school
9th Grade (Freshman) 14–15
10th Grade (Sophomore) 15–16
11th Grade (Junior) 16–17
12th Grade (Senior) 17–18
Post-secondary education
Tertiary education (College or University) Ages vary (usually four years,
referred to as Freshman,
Sophomore, Junior and
Senior years)
Vocational education Ages vary
Graduate education
Adult education

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