U.S. Education System Strengths and Weakness

The United States Federal system of governance ensures that each State is responsible for its own education system. There is no nationwide common curriculum or system of education although the structure of the education system though is common. The three levels of education namely are elementary, secondary and post secondary education.

US Education System Strengths

  • Inclusiveness: The K-12 system of education provides education to all pupils summing up primary and secondary education irrespective of whether their performance levels.  The system does not encourage drop outs of children on any basis.  This has made it possible to maintain high retention rates when compared to other countries.
  • The General Education Development program, the program for adult education and access to community colleges offers a second chance to students who have not been able to continue their education.
  • The excellent post secondary education system ensures the highest number of students taking up higher education.
  • Local flexibility ensures that students can take up subjects which are more in tune with their talents and interest rather than being burdened with subjects that they find difficult to learn. 
  • Students learn to be creative and avoid the herd mentality.
  • Diversity: The number of colleges, universities and higher education portals makes possible a large number of subject options to students.
  • Students in professional courses have access to supporting industries, high end training and research experience.
  • The United States has the highest number of world class learning institutions covering all major and minor disciplines. Degrees from these institutions are recognized worldwide. Superior technology combined with the best teachers and support staff ensures a superior learning experience. Thus, Education in the US has a global view.
  • Enhanced content standard and evaluation: Curriculum includes content that is contemporary as well as takes into account its origins and history.  Evaluation is continuing and not based on scheduled tests and examinations.

US Education System Weakness

  • Education of students not bound towards college requires more attention.
  • Shifting family and demographic structures at times renders the system ineffective. The need of the hour is to realize and include measures to account for changing societal needs and perspectives.
  • Grading system of evaluation at times does not provide a true picture of a student’s strengths and failings
  • The teaching of religion is a ground for shifting opinions and contradictions, resulting in valuable loss of moral education. This results in violence, disruptive student behavior in schools and a lack of seriousness about life and hard work.
  • Teacher training requires improvement to deal with current and global issues. Teacher training, in-service training and teacher education do not get sufficient attention.
  • The rising cost of tuition in higher education has lead to a decline in American students pursuing college studies.
  • Each State follows its own curriculum and standards which often leads to differing standards among students.

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