US Education System Cons

US Education System Pros and Cons

The US has universal public education up to the 12th grade and it is for all children and free. This K-12 method ensures that each child irrespective of race, creed and birth gets an education. Education in the US is the responsibility of the State and as such the State determines curriculum, standards, student requirements and even evaluation standards.

US Education System Cons

  • Severe lack of funding for public schools put them at a disadvantage, whereas the elite schools can afford the best resources for their students, public schools in the same region lack these resources leading to a vast inequity in the educational system.
  • Attrition of teachers: teachers are the bedrock of a good education system, but unfair opportunities, less pay and increased responsibilities have seen nearly 60% of the teachers leaving by their fifth year, this leads to a decline in teacher standards as the substitutes are no where the best.
  • Standardized curriculum and standardized testing. Each state follows its own standards of testing and implementing the curriculum often resulting in a mish mash of student abilities and no standard testing implies that students are unfit for high stake tests which now are the norm in the world.
  • Accountability and responsibility are at a minimum in educators.
  • Increased attention on vocational training: children who do not continue their education after 15 years of age should be imparted vocational training suitable to their abilities and skills to find and hold a job.
  • An effort to improve reading skills and math skills to compete in the international arena.
  • A sustained effort to integrate the immigrants and multi cultural others into the school system and to involve parents in their children’s schooling.
  • School violence and disruptions in the class affect learning and teaching and should be dealt more severely. In effect the authority in the classroom should revert back to the teacher.
  • A more technology based education since the future in knowledge based.
  • Importance of Moral and peace teaching in schools. The importance of religion to inculcate the right values is neglected in the US education system.
  • Better infrastructure and facilities in public schools and improved efforts to reduce the dropout rate.

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