US Education System As Compared To Other Countries

Education in the United States is the responsibility of each of the States with no federal involvement.  Each State forms its own curriculum and decides what is to be taught in their schools and the criteria that students should meet. The education system is divided into three levels, elementary, Secondary and higher education.

US Education System as Compared to Other Countries

  • The strength of the US system of education is the K-12 where every child irrespective of race, creed and origin is entitled to a free education up to 12 years of age.  Education in other countries is not free or available to all.
  • In the US the students go through three levels of education namely elementary, secondary and post secondary. In UK the education system is divided into 4 key stages from 5 years of age to 16 years, after which the student can move to university or discontinue studies and begin working. In Germany students till ten years of age are divided into three groups of which only one group qualifies for a University education.
  • In US, education is compulsory and children have to be in schools, whereas in Japan children are not legally obliged to be in school each day.
  • In most countries the same curriculum with minor differences is followed in all schools. Whereas, in the US the curriculum in all 50 States is different.
  • Most countries especially Asian countries lay greater emphasis on Math and science, but in the US learning Math is optional. Rigorous testing, standardized tests are used in evaluation whereas in the US evaluation is more a teachers prerogative on the tests to evaluate students.
  • In the US education emphasis is laid more on stress free schooling, creativity and less on rote learning and cramming.
  • The second chance opportunity for students in the US, the flexibility of subjects to be studied and the wide diversity of content choices are rarely found in other countries.  In most Asian countries if students fail a competitive test that option is then closed to them and they have to settle or other choices.
  • US schools work up to 1 o clock whereas in other countries schools function up to 3-4 ‘o clock.
  • Lastly the higher education system, the universities in the US are world class attracting the best teachers, technology and involved in the latest research. 

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