Problems in US Education

The United States Education system faces a number of problems within it and hence the education is not as effective as it is intended to be. School violence, and classroom disruption are becoming too common in the United States Educational institution and most of the students passing out from a particular course does not have the right amount of knowledge and capability as that of the students of other industrialized countries. And moreover the social and racial discrimination still continues at many educational institutions, if not at the institution level, at the personal level giving birth to bullying and violence.

The student's performance in the US

Most of students of the American schools and colleges perform much below the average level. When compared with the students of 21 different industrialized countries, the twelfth graders of America ranks 19th in mathematics achievement and 16th in science. In the last 25 years, more than 10 million students have got up to the Grade 12 without being able to read at the basic level and more than 20 million students have reached their senior year without having basic math knowledge. And about 25 millions of students who have reached the grade 12 are not aware of the basics of the US History.

Most of the students are not interested in studies and show no respect towards authority, and learning is of little concern to them. This student who usually spoils the decorum of the institution finally drops out from it all of a sudden. And in majority of cases, the students take more than the required number of years to complete a course.

For instance, in Denver out of the students who enrolled in public high school, just about 60 % graduated after four years. This percentage in case of Hispanics and Blacks were even below 50%, and just over half of the students graduated at the right time.

The high school drop outs are increasing every year even after the education up to the high school is made strictly compulsory. In the last two decades, about six million students dropped out from various high school classes and the drop outs mainly includes Hispanic immigrants and black Americans than the white Americans. According to the 1996 statistics, around 45% of the Hispanic students in the age group of 16 to 24 did not have a diploma and were high school drop outs.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP, more than 75 percent of the children in urban high-poverty schools read below the average level. And the NAEP scores of average black and Hispanic seventeen year old student in math, science, reading and writing is almost comparable with the scores of an average 13 year old white student.

Problems related to Finance

The financial cost spent on the "thought to be necessary" things like metal detectors and many such unnecessary advanced tools and systems, are very high. The government is spending a bit too much on such top-down needs when actually the main concern should be educating the students and making them aware of the basics of reading, writing, math, science and history at least.

The money spent by average students in a year at the United States public school has more than tripled in the last few decades.

Back in the year, 1960s a public school teacher in the United States had about 25 students while now it has decreased up to 17 students for a teacher and the average salary of these teachers have almost doubled in the last three decades time.

Teacher quality

 Only four in ten public school teachers have major in the academic subject at a college. And just about sixty percentage of the high school science teacher do have an undergraduate major or minor in the field they are teaching, In case of math, only 66% of the public high school teachers have a math related undergraduate major or minor. Moreover only twenty percentages of the teachers are confident enough that they can teach in high academic standards.

Student behavior

The discipline and the urge to study has vanished out of most students and dropping out and campus violence has grown to a large extend. Plagiarism and cheating during exams also have risen and the saddest part is that the students cheating on the papers are not aware that they are doing anything wrong. In recent years more than half of the schools have reported moderate to very serious disciple problem and violence from the part of their students.

The Grading System

The system of evaluating the students performance have changed from mark percentages to grading system, but it is sad to note that these standards of the grades have come down in the last few years. The work which was formerly considered as a B or C level work is awarded a clean 'A' grade today. This particular practice is deteriorating the students talents and patience, as anyways, a moderate work will get them a good grade and no one have to work too hard or put in their real effort to get the good grades.

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