US Citizenship Test Rules

Are you aware of the test rules that are needed for the US citizenship? Hopefully, you might be aware of such rules but still there are many people who do not have any knowledge of test rules needed for the US citizenship. To get a citizenship of US, an applicant usually needs to qualify the US citizenship test that comprises of two major phases viz. English and Civics test. You might be wondering that what these tests are? These tests are the qualifying test for US citizenship in which applicants need to answer the questions based on the US history and constitutional policies.

English Test for US Citizenship

A person who demands to have a citizenship of US first needs to file Form N-400 which is meant for this purpose only. After filing this form, applicant is to require undertaking interview where questions related to English Civics of US are asked by an immigration officer. In the English test, an applicant is generally asked to read any one sentence out of three given sentences and that sentence must be written by him or her correctly to qualify English test successfully. Applicants are advised to go through different educational DVD’s and other relevant USCIS resources available on the web in order to successfully qualify English test for USCIS.

What about Civics Test?

After the completion of English Test, applicant have to take civics test in which the questions related to the historical background of US country, questions related to governmental polices and certain laws were asked by immigration officer during the interview. Immigration officer usually asks ten questions related to this subject to the candidate and out of those 10 questions, USCIS applicant needs to answer 6 questions correctly so as to qualify this exam. Applicant can make use of online USCIS resources and educational DVD’s that proves to be really effective to make an applicant of USCIS somehow familiar with the pattern of test.

In this manner, one can easily get a USCIS by reading the study material available on web because normally the question on such exam comes from that study material only.