US Citizenship Online Test

Do you want to have US citizenship but are unable to qualify the exam for USCIS because of lack of knowledge about the question that are asked by immigration officer during the interview? Getting a citizenship seems to be a bit challenging task for the nonresident applicant of US because he or she is not familiar with the historical background and governmental laws as well as policies of US country. In exams of USCIS, an interviewer usually puts great stress on the common civilian questions related to these subjects. Therefore, it is very necessary to first gather brief but requisite knowledge about US history, its constitution, its law and policies to qualify USCIS which can be gained through online practice test for US citizenship.

Topics Covered in USCIS Online Test

In an online test of USCIS, applicant is given questions related to above mentioned subject in multiple choice question and he or she needs to mark correct answer on the basis of his or her knowledge about US fellowship. Some of the major topics which are usually asked in every USCIS qualifying examination are Supreme law of US, meaning of US constitution, meaning of amendment, name given to first ten amendment of US, Rule of law for the US citizens, total number of amendments, rights given to the citizens, political parties of US and their part as well as role in US constitution etc. Apart from these questions, applicants are also asked about the serving period of US President, reason for having 13 stripes in US national flag and major wars that had been fought earlier by US army for its superiority.

Benefits of Online USCIS Test

In an online US citizenship test, many times an applicant is asked with the question related to the voting rights given to a US citizen. Question like “who has the right to vote as per the constitutional amendment of US?” and question related to racism is also sometimes asked by an immigration officer to the applicant so as to judge his or her eligibility for US citizenship. Online practice do covers all these topics with relevant information that is very helpful for qualifying USCIS exam.