U.S Citizenship Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the United States citizenship, one must spend at least 5 years in the U.S as a legal permanent resident, during which he or she did not take any abroad trips of more than 6 months and resided in the United states for about two and half years of the entire period. Other factors such as birth, marriage to a U.S citizen and employment affect citizenship eligibility criteria.

To qualify for U.S citizenship, following conditions must satisfy:-

  • Person should be 18 years of age or elder.
  • Person should be legal permanent resident of the United States for at least 5 years
  • Person should be of good moral character during the period of residence.
  • Person can obtain permanent residence after marriage to a U.S citizen. They are eligible for citizenship after 3 years of marriage and couple should live together during that period.
  • Person should have domiciled in the state for about 3 months where the petition was filed.
  • Person must have domiciled continuously within U.S from the petition date to the period of citizenship.
  • Person should have an elementary knowledge of reading and writing English. This rule is exceptional for 50 years people living for 20 years or more in U.S as a permanent resident and for 55 years people living in U.S for 15 years as permanent resident.
  • Person should have a basic fundamental knowledge of the U.S history & government. This rule is waived for 65 years people living for 20 years as permanent resident.
  • Person born in the United States are citizens whether the parents are green card holders, tourists, students or illegal immigrants.
  • A child born outside the country may acquire U.S citizenship at birth when one or both parents are U.S citizens.
  • A child born outside the country may become U.S citizen, if his or her parents get citizenship through naturalization.
  • To obtain citizenship through naturalization, application for Naturalization (form N-400) should be submitted to the USCIS.