US Boarding Schools for International Students

International Students US Boarding Schools

The American education system is well known around the world and has a great reputation.  Many students and their parents are keen to take advantage of all the benefits. Many choose to start early by putting their children in one of the many boarding schools in America.
Let’s get some answers to basic questions that you may have about the process and criteria to get into the system.

  • Who is an international student? 

A person, who does not have a passport of the country and wishes to pursue an education, is considered an international student.

  • Why should international students choose Boarding School?

Many international students want to attend college in the US in the field of their interest. To get a head start in the educational system, many parents choose to send their kids to boarding school.  This helps them to

    • Improve their English
    • Learn about different Universities and also get the necessary grades to get accepted
    • Adjust and learn about a new culture
    • Small class size and environment which is structured to help non-English speakers.
  • What requirements do students have to fulfill?   

Besides their completed application forms, students wanting to attending boarding school in the US have to prove that their language abilities.  This is an important step in proficiency assessment. 
American and Canadian Boarding Schools require SLEP – (Secondary Language English Proficiency) of their students.  It is a multiple choice language test.  Students are tested after 3 – 5 years English tuition and provide the teachers with information on the student’s ability to comprehend subject matter.  Some other schools require the SSAT – Secondary School Admission Test – a standard entrance test in English.

  • Where do students come from?

 One can find a diverse mix of nationalities – Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Ireland , Canada, Sweden, Thailand to name a few.  Students are able to realize their potential in the current environment.  Cultural understanding is developed by direct contact with a multi-national environment.

  • How about College Preparation?

Most of the boarding schools have trained college counselors and can help with choosing the schools and also in the application process.  The boarding schools also offer prep classes for TOEFL and other entrance exams. 

  • What is the duration of stay at Boarding Schools?: There are several options to choose from.
  • 2 Years: With a good choice of subjects, an internationally recognized certificate is awarded to the student upon leaving school.
  • 1 Year: During this year, language skills improve tremendously.  Being away from familiar environs also helps students develop emotionally and become independent.
  • One Term:  This helps a youngster to improve language skills and also consider boarding school as an option.  Not only that, this also lets them get an insight into how college education in America will be.

Many students have benefitted from going to boarding schools as they are exposed to many international elements – after all, they will be eventually working in a world where they have to work with people from different walks of life.

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