Unsound Festival 2016

This is an annual Festival that presents music in its various evolving forms, as well as visual arts.


The very first Unsound Festival was held in 2003. It was originally geared to appeal to Polish audiences – the format and other changes have garned international attention. In the preceding two years, the festival organisers have developed programs to fit a particular theme.

  • 2010 – Horror, the pleasure of fear 
  • 2011 – Future Shock based on the book of the same name by Alvin Toffler
  • 2012 - The End

The Festival has tied up in joint ventures from companies in New York such as Wordless Music, Electronic Music Foundation and Bunker to broadcast the event. People can experience music, watch films and participate in workshops and other discussions.

The Unsound Festival is also working on projects in different Eastern European countries. The endeavor is to create new mini festivals and work on new collaborations. One project that has come out of the festival is soundtracks to classic Warhol silent movies.

This festival is well known for pushing the boundaries in experimental music – check the official website for more information on the line up of musical acts and innovative presentations.

Other Venues:

The Unsound Festival is also happening around the same time in New York – with the theme of “The End” – which is surrounded by an air of mystery. Artists Tim Hecker and his band Oneohtrix Point Never, Julia Holter, Biosphere & Lustmord are a few that one can catch at this event. Check the official website for more information.

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