Universal Children Day 2014

  • Universal Children Day 2014
    Universal children day is established in 1954 and slogan of 2014 is "Childrenís Education as an Imperative to Sustainable Development" IMAGE: pixabay
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Universal children day 2014 theme is "Children’s Education as an Imperative to Sustainable Development", 2013 theme is "Stop Violence Against Children!" and 2012 theme is "Treasure Our Children".

Universal Children day is celebrated on 20 November every year with the purpose of promoting International togetherness and awareness among children or we can also say that this day is an occasion celebrated to promoting the welfare of children and an making an understanding between children’s all over the world. This day is declared as holiday only for children. Universal Children day was established in year 1954. 20th November is also a special day as this day ‘Declaration of the rights of the children’ was adopted by UN General Assembly in 1959 and later in 1989, Convention of the Rights of the child is adopted by UN General Assembly. Since the last decade, this Convention is said to be an important tool for promoting the rights of children all over the world. Still, there are few countries like Australia and India which chooses different dates every year to celebrate Universal Children’s day. This day is not only special for children, but also special for parents as every parent try to spend most of the time on this day with his children either on home or any trips like Zoo or Museum.

After discussing the Introduction and brief History of Universal Children day, lets move on to how this day is celebrated like what activities or events or programs are arranged on this day. Special activitiesand programs are arranged all over the world. These programs differs from country to country but the objective is same everywhere. In Thailand, many Government and Private Organizations arranges celebration activities for children like Buses for free, visiting zoo or going  for special children movies, etc. Military also shows their equipments, vehicles and aircraft to the children’s on this special day. In Srilanka, Schools and educational institutions distribute gifts and sweets to the students. In Romania,Schools remains closed and there are free entrance in Museums and Zoo’s for children’s. Special programs also arranged for children on this day. In Nigeria, this day is a public holiday in school. And, a special March is arranged and few students are selected for performing in this march.

In Bangladesh, children’s competitions and fashion shows are arranged for enhancing their skills and make them active. If we speak about China, then let me tell you, their school arranges activities like camping tours or free movies for children’s fun. Also, Governments distribute gifts to children of Civil servants. In Germany, special activities are arranged by school. These activities include tours to Museum or zoo or field trips, etc. Also, on their special day, children receive presents from their parents. In India, this day is celebrated on 14th November of every year, as this was also the birth date of First Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as a tribute to his love for children. Special Sports, cultural activities and few other competitions are arranged in schools and in assembly time sweets are distributed to students. In Korea, children’s are taken on excursion to zoo and museums by their parents; they also receive the presents from their parents.

After speaking about the different celebrations of ‘Universal Children day’ in different countries, my next topic is to discuss Universal Children Day, its topics and discussions. The International Committee of Red Cross has introduced a new brochure on children and war. This brochure will also examine the risks faced by children who caught up in armed conflict. Also the steps are taken to address the children specific needs and the rules of law defined to protect them. Also the topics was discussed that more than 300 million students attend their school without safe drinking water and access to a clean toilet. This affects the student heath and causes diseases among them. Though, some solution of this problem also discussed as GWC (Global Water challenge) will support school program that will provide clean water for drinking and sanitation purpose. GWC also provides solution for that school, which lacks access to water by the use of Rainwater Harvesting.

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