UK Tourist Visitor Visa

The UK tourist visitor visa can be further categorized into General Tourist, Child Tourist and ADS Tourist visas. Anyone travelling to the country to just visit with friends or for tourism can apply under the general category. It is not necessary that the visitors have family or friends in the country to apply for this visa. People who are under 18 should apply under child category. People from China, visiting in a group for up to 30 days need to apply for the ADS Visitor visa.

How to Apply for UK Tourist Visitor Visa (General Visitor)

One can apply for the visa by filing the form VAF1A online or by printing and completing it. People who make frequent visits to the UK can apply for multiple entry visas that are usually approved for one, two, five or ten years. Short-term visa costs £76. Long-term visas for two, five and ten years cost £265, £486, and £702 respectively.

UK Tourist Visitor Visa Requirements

The applicant must establish that he or she

  • Is over 18 years of age
  • Intends to be in the country for not more than six months
  • Intends to exit the country after the visit
  • Has sufficient funds stay in the country without seeking employment or using public funds

The visitor must also prove that he or she will not

  • Involve in any business or seek employment while on this visa
  • Join some educational course
  • Get married or register civil partnership
  • Undergo medical treatment in a private institution
  • Involve in activities reserved for sports, business or entertainer visa holders

UK Tourist Visitor Visa Extension

General visitors can enjoy their stay for six months with multiple entry option. Those accompanying academic visitors can stay for up to 12 months. A visa that has been stamped for 3 months is eligible for extension of another 3 months. The form FLR (O) needs to be submitted for extension. The application must be made at least four weeks before the expiry of the current visa. At the end of the tourist visa period, the tourist must leave the country. He or she cannot apply for another immigration category.

UK tourist visitor visa rejection has no clause for appeal. Appealing right is reserved only for those visiting families. However, if the rejection is believed to have unfairness or some errors by the authorities, the applicant can go for a judicial review.